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COVID-19 Donation from e-flower cards

You all are AMAZING - we raised over $325 for COVID-19 Regional Response Fund! Thank you so much for helping those most vulnerable in our community by purchasing our e-flowers. 

We are going to shift our efforts to help with the growing need at our local food banks and will be donating 100% of proceeds of every e-flower card to Feeding America ~ Freestore Foodbank and several neighborhood food pantries. We have been watching the news and have seen a real need for food not only in our community but across the nation as more people are experiencing job disruptions and schools are still out of session.

Eight out of ten children in our Tri-State area are eligible for free lunches and with schools closed they are unable to get breakfast and lunch at school so the need for more food at our local pantries is much higher. Consider this: 

$5 could buy 15 cans of soup

$10 could buy 14 boxes of cereal

$15 could buy 30 boxes of pasta

$25 could buy 20 jars of peanut butter


You can order an "e-flower card" for someone and we will deliver your "flowers" via email to them with your personal message. Check out the selection of e-flowers and send some today:)  No one should go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic and we hope that you will consider purchasing an "e-flower card" and help us support our local banks. 


Why we started e-flowers:

Sadie Blossoms tagline "happy flowers make happy days" is something that we believe connects people - giving and getting flowers truly make people happy. So when I was searching to find a way to help those who have been affected by COVID-19, I thought I would have a flower sale and donate money raised to organizations that were directly involved with the most vulnerable. The "shelter at home" order stopped the flower supply chain for florists and deemed flowers non-essential which meant I couldn't buy or deliver flowers.  SO  the "e-flower card" was created!




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