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I have loved flowers forever! I can remember picking clover & dandelion "flowers" in my Grandmother's yard and smelling the bachelor buttons that my Grandfather planted when I was very young.  My high school job was working for my Aunt & Uncle in their flower shop and nursery. I loved the smell of the flowers in the cooler and the feeling of dirt on my fingers.  I loved how a customer would come into the shop and be so happy with the arrangement they ordered. 

After spending time raising my amazing daughters I am now lucky enough to be doing what I love - working with flowers and making arrangements that make people happy.  I have had some great teachers and mentors along the way and continue to learn and grow with each new season.  I love being a part of the Cincinnati flower community and making flower deliveries to bring happy flowers to people in our community. 

I love to work with flowers and greens in season.  I have made some wonderful working relationships with local businesses and love hosting flower arranging workshops to help spread my love of flowers.  I'm always looking for inspiration and creative outlets wherever I go.  

I hope you'll think of Sadie Blossoms the next time you are looking for happy flowers! 


This was

my sweet puppy Sadie and the namesake of Sadie Blossoms!

My family and my biggest fans! 

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