Eucalyptus and living wreaths are a great way to bring something fun and fresh
to your decor 
and set the perfect vibe for your house!

Eucalyptus wreaths are the perfect way to "freshen up" for spring. This year, you can choose a workshop to create your own wreath with an assortment of eucalyptus and both fresh and dried flower elements all on a grapevine base. You can also have Sadie Blossoms make a custom wreath to match your decor or to give to a friends. All the greenery will be the freshest variety and complimented with a fun assortment of fresh and dried elements to make each wreath unique and festive. 

Living wreaths made with eucalyptus are great additions to your bathroom and add natural decongestant properties when oils are released from the steam. 
They add their amazing scent to your desk, bedroom, or bath and are proven to be stress reducing. 
They look outstanding in your kitchen or entryway. 
All of these also make great gifts!
Looking for a unique present to give ~ get some friends together and surprise a friend with a gorgeous wreath. 
Need a gift for your mother-in-law that has everything ~ these wreaths are make the best gift.