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it's the little things...

Buy the flowers, light the candles, have coffee in your wedding china cup, put the quilt your grandmother gave you on your bed. Buy the sunflowers plates at the thrift store because they make you smile or re-purpose the crystal tray to keep your jewelry on your dresser. It's the little things that make everyday a little happier, a little lighter.

It's easy to save things for special occasions but what if we try to find happy in the little things everyday? After my grandmother died, I was at her house and my uncle asked if there was anything special that I might like to have. I went upstairs to a room that I always stayed in and found a green pedestal bowl that at one time was probably a candy dish and told him that's the one thing that would be the most to me. Whenever I stayed there, it was where I put my jewelry at night. I have it on my nightstand right now and it makes me smile every time I drop my earrings in it.

I read online about a woman who always gave a tiny vase as a baby shower gift. She called it a "for you" vase and said it was for all the little blooms, leaves, weeds that little ones like to collect and then say, "for you" as they hand you their treasures. The tiny vase will hold all those special treasures and keep them for everyone to enjoy. What if we find our own "for you" vase and keep it in out bathroom or our desk and put some flowers in it because we deserve to have that special feeling that comes from a surprise treasure. I keep the little stems that don't fit in flower orders and put them in my own "for you" vases in my bathroom and my desk because it makes me happy and makes me smile.

Some will say that it is a routine or a habit that you drink your morning coffee out of a specific mug on certain days but what if it is just that certain mugs bring memories to mind or make you happy on a Wednesday? Do you have special mugs that you use on certain days?

Let's make a pact to celebrate everyday like it's a special occasion...I for one will be keeping flowers in my bathroom in my "for ME" vase because it makes me smile.

What are the little things that make you happy?

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